CoolMat - Cooling Sprinkler Dog Mat
CoolMat - Cooling Sprinkler Dog Mat
CoolMat - Cooling Sprinkler Dog Mat
CoolMat - Cooling Sprinkler Dog Mat

CoolMat - Cooling Sprinkler Dog Mat

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The best way to cool your dog

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Coolmat is the perfect way too cool your dog in the summer. Let your dog have lots of fun and enjoy the sprinklers while not letting the heat affect them!

Hot summer days can be really draining and hurtful for your dog, and without a way to cool them they might get affected. CoolMat gives an instant cooling affect, and spares your dogs from the heat.

Connect the mat to your waterhose and let the fun begin. With or without somewhere for your dog to bathe during the summer, Coolmat is the best choice for your dog.

Coolmat incorporates fun with essential needs. Both cooling and hydrating sprinklers all around the mat to give your dog what it needs. 


Why CoolMat is for you

Cool your dog - Let the sprinklers cool your dog during a hot summer day so they can enjoy the day with you.

Easy to use - CoolMat is very easy to setup and it doesn't take long until the fun begins!


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Staying hydrated - Both from the mat and the sprinklers, your dog can enjoy a refreshing drink!

CoolMat is the n.1 choice - With all it's incredible features, CoolMat provides both necessity and an experience that will be hard to forget.




Guarantees - We offer full refunds and free returns if you're not satisfied with the product. Just contact support and they will help you out with an eventual return. 

Is CoolMat safe for my dog? - Yes, CoolMat is used with completely and unharmful materials.

Is CoolMat durable? - Of course. It is made out of extra thick materials so your dog can play as they want!

Why should I buy a mat? - Short answer, your dog will definitely enjoy it. Long answer, the heat affect your dog more than it affects you. With their furs hot days can be exhausting and harmful. That's why cooling them is a must!

Is it fun? - Definitely, it's a CoolMat. Your dog will enjoy it :)  

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